The strategic goals of the Research and Technology Vice-Chancellor:
Setting up, equipping, developing and optimally exploiting the university's research and technology infrastructure and facilitating its processes with the approach of a new generation university
Improving the status of technology and developing interdisciplinary research, in accordance with the priorities of the health field and with the approach of wealth creation
Efforts towards the internationalization of research by expanding and strengthening scientific, educational and research relations and interactions with growth and innovation centers, national and international research and university centers
Increasing the attraction of financial resources at the national and international level and strengthening and expanding the activities of communication with the industry and commercialization of technologies, products and services focused on health
Strategies of Research and Technology Deputy:
Development and attraction of national and international financial resources (grant)
Attracting and creating desire in non-university institutions to invest in the production and commercialization of science
Strengthening communication and attracting national and international institutions in line with the production and commercialization of science and technology
Development of student research
Supporting the activities of knowledge-based companies through the expansion of applied research and communication with production and industrial units.
Development of communication with industry, entrepreneurship and commercialization of products and services
Setting up, equipping and developing production infrastructures for product-oriented research with the third generation approach
Direction of applied research in the direction of wealth creation
Establishing a translation system and transferring knowledge and technology based on future research
Improving and strengthening the structure and infrastructure of data and information management of the university and improving access and encouraging researchers to use reliable scientific information sources
Establishment of the intellectual and spiritual property system in order to protect new thoughts and ideas
Developing, strengthening and increasing the efficiency of research and technological centers
Institutionalizing research-oriented and research-based decision-making in the service delivery system with a problem-solving approach
Creating and strengthening a support network for the activities of knowledge-based companies of elites, researchers, and innovators
Identifying needs and priorities and moving towards the development of knowledge boundaries
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