Introduction of public relations:
Public relations is a set of targeted and planned efforts and actions in order to establish and gain mutual understanding between an organization and the desired groups of that organization.
The main task of public relations is to present the opinions and public opinions of the organization to the head of the unit and to give advance notice in predicting the affairs using correct-logical and ethical communication as the main tool.
Public relations is also responsible for the organization's communication, through which it tries to adapt the organization to the environment by providing communication information to achieve its goals, or if necessary, create favorable attitude changes in the environment, or the existing conditions, provided they are favorable. keep
Public relations is the eyes and ears of the organization, which means it reflects the strengths and weaknesses of the organization to the highest authority of the organization, which is for the purpose of planning for the improvement of all levels.
Continuous and comprehensive communication with the public relations management of the headquarters and full alignment with the policies of this management
Collecting and compiling the content of texts from the relevant unit's field on various occasions and events and informing on the subsidiary unit's website.
Continuous attendance at meetings of the Board of Directors
Approval of the logo (the boards of the sub-group centers, etc.)
Participation and cooperation in holding exhibitions, conferences, seminars and congresses at the university and national level
Continuous monitoring (momentary monitoring) of the content contained in visual, audio, written and virtual media in the context of that field.
Quick, timely response and publication of correct information regarding incorrect and false news in virtual networks in a suitable time frame with the coordination of the university's public relations management.
Preparing audio and video interviews with unit managers in specialized fields for publication in social networks and various media fields.
Coordination and action for the preparation of reports, news and requested content regarding the subject referred by the public relations management of the university
In order to avoid any interference in the programs, the public relations officer should plan special and special programs at least ten days before the event.
To collect scientific content that can be published in that field to improve the level of health literacy of the people and provide it to the public relations management of the university.
Public relations is responsible for following up all the correspondence that is sent from the university's public relations management to that area.
The presence of senior managers, middle and basic managers and unit experts in the national broadcasting networks is done with the coordination of the public relations management of the university.
Public relations should present the achievements of education, healthcare, etc. of the unit with the continuous cooperation of subordinate units in an artistic way and away from exaggeration and extravagance.
Carrying out all referrals from superiors
Approval and installation of posters, banners, etc. (seminars, conferences, and workshops)
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